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Ridiculously Easy to Use


It just doesn’t get easier.  Push a button and turn a knob that is safely outside the machine enclosure.  Simple as that.  Anybody can learn SPIDERCOOL in two minutes or less.  And we do mean anybody.


Compact and Versatile


SPIDERCOOL can be tucked in tight places to avoid interference with rotary tables, fixtures, and machine features.  The nozzle assembly can be flipped and turned any which way.


Reversible Travel Orientation


SPIDERCOOL’s 90 degree programmable travel range can be oriented to either side of the unit, and the angle bracket is reversible giving you exceptional mounting options.


Four Servo Motor Orientations


Occasionally you have the perfect mounting location but the surroundings are so tight you can’t get the cable into the connector because of an obstruction.  No problem!  Another clever SPIDERCOOL design feature is that the servomotor can be fastened to the nozzle body in any of four orientations giving you ultimate flexibility for confined mounting situations.  Simply flip the motor to a different position.


Durable and Reliable


SPIDERCOOL is built to withstand the harshest environments.  It doesn’t get much worse than coolant and metal flying everywhere.  All components are made to exacting tolerances and sealed from the environment in numerous ways that aren’t even visually apparent.  SPIDERCOOL is American Made and Machine Tool Grade.


Field Serviceable


Although SPIDERCOOL has a low incidence of failure, we are not so arrogant as to say they will never have a problem. Any electromechanical device can fail eventually.  SPIDERCOOL’s modular design insures the most likely sources of a problem can usually be repaired by the customer in 10 minutes or less.  The servomotor, encoder adjustment knob, and control unit are all components that can be swapped in minutes.  Our friendly technical support staff will help you diagnose any problem that you may experience and promptly ship you any parts that you need.

Do your company a favor and give SPIDERCOOL a try today!