SPIDERCOOL is an Intelligent, Servo Driven, Programmable Coolant Nozzle System for vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers that automatically and precisely aims high performance coolant jets at the cutting edge of each tool




SPIDERCOOL Introductory Video

Single or Dual SPIDERCOOL Servo Controlled Nozzles can be added to nearly any new or existing CNC Machining Center

An adjustment knob located safely outside the machine enclosure is used to teach nozzle settings once for each tool.  All settings are automatically memorized.

Encoder Adjusting_1280x720

The days of aiming coolant by hand are gone.  No more stopping the machine, reaching inside,  getting wet.  No more coolant lines drifting out of position in the middle of the cut.

Each SPIDERCOOL nozzle can be set to a fixed position, or an oscillating (sweeping) cycle.  Dual nozzles can be synchronized together, or operate independently of each other.  SPIDERCOOL remembers all nozzle settings for each tool.

Dual SPIDERCOOL Nozzles aimed at a fixed position on an endmill

Dual SPIDERCOOL Nozzles sweeping the full length of a drill

All SPIDERCOOL systems include servo nozzle assemblies, control unit, adjustment knob, and interface kit.  A variety of hardware for mounting, plumbing, and wiring is included and tailored to suit your machine.  Thorough documentation guides you through the installation.

SPIDERCOOL improves cycle time and tool life.  Enables faster setups and unattended machining. Better process control and better quality parts.  And a major safety improvement at the same time.


Simply put, machining with SPIDERCOOL is safer, cleaner and more efficient.  The result is that your company will yield more profit per machine hour.


Here’s the kicker.  We offer a free, no-risk, 30 Day Trial of SPIDERCOOL in your shop.  You have everything to gain, and absolutely nothing to lose.  So why not give SPIDERCOOL a try today?