Frequently Asked Questions

“I’m purchasing a new machine.  Can I buy it with SPIDERCOOL already installed or bundled with my purchase?”

Yes. SPIDERCOOL is available to all machine tool manufacturers as original equipment.  All you have to do is request SPIDERCOOL from your machine distributor or builder.  If they are not familiar with SPIDERCOOL ask them to call us.  OEMs are extended factory pricing and support directly from us.  We work directly with machine builders to configure SPIDERCOOL packages to suit their machine.  We also match the builder’s warranty policy.  Either the machine builder or their distributor will install the system enabling you to bundle the SPIDERCOOL with your new machine purchase.

“How do you program SPIDERCOOL?”

Actually no programming is necessary and “teach” is a more accurate term.  The machinist teaches SPIDERCOOL by turning the adjustment knob to precisely aim the coolant stream. This is done only once for each tool in the machine. From that point on, coolant adjustment is automatic.  Adjustments can be made and re-memorized at any time during the machining cycle.  In the vast majority of applications there are no codes whatsoever to write into your program.  There are a few machines, only those without a tool change macro where one M-code is inserted in the program after each tool change.  This code is not actually used to program the SPIDERCOOL, it is used to tell SPIDERCOOL which tool is in the spindle.

“How does SPIDERCOOL know which tool is in the spindle?”

SPIDERCOOL uses a patented “Intelligent Interface” to automatically track the tool changer of the machine.  When an automatic tool change occurs, SPIDERCOOL will detect the change.  You then teach the nozzle position(s) for that particular tool by turning the adjustment knob.  The settings are automatically remembered for each tool, and recalled each time the tool is placed on the spindle by the automatic tool changer.  The two primary interface types are “classic” and “serial”.

“Does SPIDERCOOL replace the coolant pump?”

No.  SPIDERCOOL works in conjunction with your existing flood or high-pressure coolant pump.  SPIDERCOOL simply automates the aiming process.  It does however handle up to 300 PSI out of the box, so you can easily upgrade your pump for super high performance coolant delivery.

“I have thru-spindle coolant.  Will SPIDERCOOL do me any good?”

Yes! Ask yourself this question:  “What percentage of my cutting do I use through spindle for vs. regular flood?” While through the spindle coolant is widely used today especially for deep hole drilling, most shops continue to depend on flood coolant for the majority of their milling operations.  In many applications flood coolant performs equally well or even better without the added cost of TSC ported cutters, holders and special filtration.  Many times when milling with TSC, the majority of the coolant can actually be whipped away from the cutter by centrifugal force.  We have many many customers who use both through the spindle coolant, and SPIDERCOOL.  They have the best of both worlds.

“Will SPIDERCOOL increase the coolant pressure?”

Probably.  Coolant pressure and flow rate are inter-related functions of the pump, associated plumbing, kinematic viscosity of the fluid, and size of the outlet orifice.  Most factory coolant systems deliver the available amount of coolant through multiple coolant lines.  That approach is definitely not designed to deliver more coolant to the cutting edge of each tool.  Instead it disperses a large volume of coolant to the general machining area but most of it doesn’t even hit the tool, and what does hit the tool is usually at rather low pressure and velocity.  Being truthful about it, it’s really just a cheap way for machine builders to give you something that looks like a good coolant system.  It compensates for the fact that they have no way to insure the coolant will get to the right spot on every cutter like SPIDERCOOL.  They just slap a bunch of inexpensive nozzles on a manifold, leaving you the customer to aim them all over the place and hope for the best.  Machine builders get away with it because most people don’t even know there’s a better way!  But now you do.  Because SPIDERCOOL aims perfectly, and only at the cutting edge of the tool, a multitude of individual nozzles are not needed.  As a result, by condensing the available coolant supply through one or two SPIDERCOOL nozzles, pressure and velocity are usually increased, and it all goes to the only place you need it.  On the cut.

“Can I put SPIDERCOOL on my turning center, Swiss machine, or gang tool lathe?”

SPIDERCOOL is designed for milling machines where the varying length of tools is the primary factor requiring the coolant to be aimed differently for each tool.  The SPIDERCOOL is always mounted to the machine’s head, so the whole unit travels with the tool as the Z axis traverses.  The programmable rotation of the SPIDERCOOL is what changes for each tool length.  On a lathe, the geometry of the tools changes in both the X and the Z dimensions.  And with a rotating tool turret, there’s not usually a good place to mount the SPIDERCOOL unit.  However, with all that being said, there may be special lathe applications where a SPIDERCOOL would help.  If you think you have one, give us a call and let’s explore the idea.

“Do you offer different types of nozzles or nozzle tips for the SPIDERCOOL?”

Standard systems are equipped with our standard .281″ ID nozzle tube.  We make an optional special version of this nozzle tube that is threaded to accept 5 different sizes of nozzle tips that we offer.  These tips were actually designed for high pressure applications, to deliver a calibrated flow rate at 1000 P.S.I.  Some customers have found these tips useful under normal pressures to give a more pinpoint precision coolant stream.  These tips are also used for MQL and compressed air applications.  Fan type nozzles are not necessary because the SPIDERCOOL oscillating sweep cycle acts as an “electronic fan nozzle”.

“Can I run compressed air through the SPIDERCOOL?”

Absolutely.  SPIDERCOOL can deliver compressed air only, or both coolant and air selected by m-code.  With this feature individual tools can be run with coolant and others with air for dry machining.  In some cases the airblast can be used to blow off the parts when the machining cycle is done.  This is accomplished by plumbing air and coolant to the inlet port of the SPIDERCOOL through individual directional check valves.  Check valves allow flow in one direction only (toward the SPIDERCOOL).  When the air is on it will flow through the SPIDERCOOL and not back flow into your coolant supply.  Likewise, when the coolant is on it will flow through the SPIDERCOOL and not back flow into the air supply.  If your machine has an existing programmable airblast nozzle it is a simple matter of plumbing.  If you do not, SPIDERCOOL can provide a complete programmable airblast solenoid valve and all the appropriate fittings.